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no tenia culpa

Things that make one busy:

1. Moving back into Risley.
2. Doing RisOC stuff.
3. Getting back into the Ris-swing of things.
4. Moving people in.
5. A debauched Tuesday.
6. An even more, believe it or not, debauched Thursday night of RisOC partying.

Things that one should do:

1. Print out haiku board material.
2. Get papers out to people who need them.
3. Finish putting room together.
4. Buy rest of books.

Things that I'm going to do right now:

1. Go into pleasantly near-exhausted sleep. God I'm tired.
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heroes always ride off into the sunset

"oranges and lemons," say the bells of st. clement's

Today = overall better mood-wise. Also, tonight = incredibly busy, what with moving out Friday. Packling, laundry, using up refridgerated food. . . .

I'm ironing out in my head the busy of this upcoming week, and it's crazy. Moving out, spending the weekend at my parents' house, moving in, RisOCs, new work from Amanda that's actually some of the most complicated labeling work in her entire project (click and stop labeling in N|uu), getting forms and this and that done. . . . God. It's going to be so crazy. Since when is the start of the semester this crazy?

* * * *

I really want to go to Nakanishi-sensei's funeral on Friday, but I don't think I can take off work (I've missed far too much this week with crazy errands). I feel so bad for Prof. Whitman and their family. It's got to be so hard for them.

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i wanna walk to the beat of my own drum

"Here comes a candle to light your way to bed, here comes a chopper to chop off your head!"

I love that a cranky mood can be changed by a job interview. I had an interview at the library today, which was essentially, "Hello, this is background information about the job, when can you work?" The lady was very nice, and I have seven and a half hours a week now at Olin circulation desk. I'm happy about this - it means I can eat.

I also have a meeting tomorrow with Amanda for even more work (I suspect photocopying articles from journals, because I can't imagine any more technical phonetic work she needs done on any of the projects that I've worked on for her). I love getting piecemeal work from professors.

I also love that the cranky mood was caused by a dream. Not a bad dream, or an odd one; it was one of those dreams that you normally laugh at and go "aw, I <3 you, subconscious, you're so funny". Unfortunately, due to current life-situational things, it was quite bittersweet and Not Funny. And made me wake up cranky. Stupid cranky. >P

I don't actually love any of the above, of course. They just amuse me. I only love my teddy bear.

Edit: Nevermind, cranky again. I just got an e-mail saying that Japanese writing is cancelled this semester due to "last minute staffing changes." I am now killing people, kthxbai.

Edit #2: And the joking killing people comment from the last edit is totally not cool because staffing changes are due to the death of one of our sensei, Nakanishi-sensei, from cancer. That just sucks. She was such an amazing woman. :(
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gingerbread men have souls too.

"Hey everybody when I hear the knock, don't wanna measure out my life to the tick of the clock."

Irrationality is both the bane and joy of my existence.

I really, really want school to start. I am absolutely sick and tired of this job - of sitting here, bored, reading or chatting on AIM because there's nothing to do. I could be at home, doing all the chores I need to do and am energized to do in the morning (and not at night after a full day of tedium), or in the library with books spread about comfortably instead of in tight piles without space. And I just want to be back in classes and Risley and my normal brain. Knowing that I'll be moving in ten days just leaves me restless. Let's make it RisOC week already.

I should start packing. That would be comforting, I think. (Except, wait - I'm stuck here in Uris all day! Unable to do anything like packing, cooking up food so that it gets eaten before I move, laundry, etc.! Oh! Failure!)

I'm just cranky and complaining. I'll shut up now.

Edit: Cute Overload is definitely good to cheer yourself up with.
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gingerbread men have souls too.

If you could do everything at once. . . .

For some reason, hookah hits me really hard. It gives me more of a rush than weed, cigarettes, alcohol, anything I have tried. It's just this amazing slam to the head, leaves me reeling sometimes. Pretty awesome. Also, kind of discombobulating.

Plotting my hammock making. This is pretty awesome. ^_~

As for things mentioned previously:

My mother had her surgery today. She is doing well - she's just doped up on Vicodin for the pain. I'll be seeing her tomorrow evening, as I am going back to Naples for the weekend again.

I also decided that I really want to do the Tokyo program. Not as cool city-wise as Kyoto - would much rather be in Kyoto than Tokyo - but the program at Sophia is more what I'm looking for than the program at the Kyoto Center. So, it looks like mid-February to the end of July in Tokyo, providing all paperwork goes through properly. *crosses fingers*

I am seriously reeling from the hookah. Calm, brain, calm!
there&#39;s a light in my brain!

it is thundering gloriously

Today was a day of many things.

In order of occurrence, because it's easiest that way:

1. I will be spending part of next year in either Kyoto or Tokyo for study abroad. I'm not sure which; we'll see. I need to make the decision very, very soon - within a week, really.

2. My parents called me today. My mom's infection is as bad as I suspected it was - they're amputating her left foot below the knee. It's a good thing that they're doing it, because it means she'll be healthier and in less pain; it just sucks mightily that it had to happen. I managed not to cry earlier, though I probably will when I see her.

3. I got a free rug (FGSS is redecorating).

German reggae/dancehall is fun.

And that was all she wrote.
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